Integration Options

Picking between Ready Made or DIY stores

Firstly, you don’t have to choose!   You can mix and match both integration types at the same time.

See existing client’s sites to see a both methods. View client stores

You can get a copy of our setup & integration guide for both methods. Download our setup guide (PDF)

Ready Made Store

This option is a complete separate website store that requires zero effort or changes to your existing website.

We provide you with banners which you can link to your new store.

The Ready Made store can have Daily horoscopes inside the store site.

We setup your new store to match the color scheme of your website and include your logo as branding.

Why Pick this option?

If you want to get going ASAP or prefer a ready made system

View Demo Ready Made Store

View Example Banners

View Client Stores


DIY Store

This option allows you to embed the order forms for our products directly into your existing website.

We provide you with the sales text as a starting point, and the code needed from the forms.   You are free to design your own layout and pages.

The DIY option lacks Daily horoscopes, but we can provide them separately via XML feeds for a seamless integration.

Why Pick this option?

If you want more control over the layout and keep the visitors inside your main website.

View Demo DIY Store Page

View Client Stores