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Live example for Aries:

01 March 2023

Since Mars returned to your communication sector last August to begin what is normally a six week war against communication barriers, the Moon has returned every four weeks to help things out. Yet before leaving today the Moon is not only wrapping up its last visit before Mars finally leaves but while every planet currently in your friendship and relationships sectors are still here. Before leaving a friendly aspect to Mercury, the planet of communication will make these final hours some of the best.


Week beginning 27 February 2023

There is a lot of change in the air but also a lot of personal empowerment, as the stars literally align in your favour this week. It is midweek that Venus and Jupiter, one the planet of desire and attraction and the other the planet of luck and expansion will align in Aries for the first time in over a decade. Jupiter and Venus will always align somewhere once a year and these can be the luckiest and most auspicious days of any year. However, when they align on Wednesday and Thursday it will be for the first time in your sign in 12 years. This comes in the heart of a week where the Moon is helping to pick up on and amplify a sense of change in the air. It begins on Monday, when the Moon wraps up the last visit to your income sector before Venus returns but also the last before Pluto leaves your career sector. This will get the new working week off to a good start and a window into the changes ahead across the income, work and career fronts. The Moon will go on to do the same across the communication, social, relationship and even home fronts.


March 2023

In a month where there are a lot of major changes, there are also some things that stay the same though with an exciting twist. A month that begins with Venus and Jupiter aligned is always going to get off to a good start, with luck and the laws of attraction coming together to create some of the luckiest days of any year. However, while Venus and Jupiter align somewhere once a year, this is their first alignment in Aries in 12 years and it comes just as the launch of this new 12 year Jupiter cycle is gaining real momentum. Venus will leave on 17th March, so will be gone by the time the Sun returns to begin your birthday month and new solar year on 21st March, but not before giving your heart a powerful voice. What is significant about Venus' departure from Aries and return to your income sector on 17th March is not just that this kicks off what can be the most lucrative weeks of any year earlier than is normally the case. As the planet of money, Venus returns exactly two months before Jupiter returns to begin your biggest year for income growth and expansion in over a decade on 17th May. Until then, Jupiter will continue to gain speed and momentum, with a chance to fully embrace this new Jupiter cycle of expansion. Yet just when a new 12 year Jupiter cycle is underway, the wind down of a three decade long Saturn cycle will begin with Saturn's return to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart on 8th March. Saturn will return to find the Sun already here, tagging along with the final weeks of the month long wind down of your old solar year. This creates an overlap where Jupiter is opening major new doors while Saturn will spend the next three years closing old doors. Another big change this month is that after nearly 15 years Pluto will leave your career sector on 24th March. The dwarf planet Ceres' return to your work sector on 23rd March will keep the professional momentum going, while Venus will be in your income sector by then. At the same time, until his longest visit to your communication sector in eight decades ends on 25th March, Mars' war on communication barriers will continue.