Premium Horoscopes

By default your Premium store will include Option A Chatty Daily, Weekly, Monthly Horoscopes.

You can swap these to options B, C, D or E for the same price

You can add more horoscopes to your Premium store (no limit on number of horoscopes)

Click on any link below to see a live horoscope demo:

A. Daily, Weekly, Monthly General Chatty Style Horoscopes

B . Daily, Weekly, Monthly Astro-Style General Horoscopes

C. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Love and Romance Horoscopes

D. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Money and Finance Horoscopes

E. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Business and Career Horoscopes

Additional Horoscopes to display in your Premium Store (can’t be swapped for option A, must be an addition)


More horoscopes for your website, mobile, or tablet applications:

We have an even bigger range of horoscopes including many language options via RSS XML feeds Visit our main Stardm website

These currently can’t be included inside a store.