General Chatty Style Horoscopes (Option A)

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Live example for Aries:

22 February 2023

You can trust that proactivity on your part will be rewarded, especially if you've “sat on the fence” with a decision. Inactivity may have kept circumstances predictable but deciding to take action promises to move things up a notch. So, keep telling yourself that action will cause a reaction and is better than doing nothing. A worst-case scenario? You'll know more than you do now.


Week beginning 17 February 2023

You and others know that it's not uncommon for you to, well, “shoot from the hip” now and again. This week, chat planet Mercury squares up to your ruling planet Mars. So, you may need to put a strict filter on what you say to others or someone. “Saying it as you see it” could result in heated exchanges, which is unnecessary when there are far more effective ways to state your views. Focus on common ground rather than launch assaults.


February 2023

This month, you receive first-class cosmic treatment! There's a strong focus on leisure and pleasure during February in more than one way. A Full Moon on the 5th marks a new chapter in your love life and with a creative talent if you're willing to harness and apply your imagination. You then have the planet of love, comfort and money, Venus, entering your sign on the 20th until mid-March. Your powers of attraction, emotionally and materially, are about to go off the scale!