Daily Chinese Horoscopes (Option F)

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03 March 2023


You will be heading out for some fun and games, most likely with family members. It's possible you will be traveling over short or long distances, and this is likely to be a greatly enjoyable and pleasant day. Just make sure you don't over-do it!


You will be intense and moody right now and may not have the best judgement where it comes to paperwork or legal matters. Seek out wise advisors on important matters where the course of action is not clear. Your intuition is good, but you really need the voice of experience.


It may be a mixed day at best especially if you are working on debt-reduction, savings plans or investments. You may feel anxious and don't know why. The best way to deal with your extra energy is to walk it off, to get into a physically active sport or diversion.


Your patience with the foolishness of others may come to a boiling point right now, and you'll be tempted to let fly with some pretty harsh assessments of someone's performance. Before you do, take stock of just what this outburst might cost versus what it is likely to accomplish.


You and your significant other "have to talk" but the conversation will go a lot better than you expect. Just go with the flow, and be honest and realistic about your dreams and expectations. If you are single, don't be afraid to call up an old flame, you may find an opening of the heart you did not expect.


Your subconscious mind is on fire with wild new ideas, and right now, someone in your social circle, or someone you know from work, could introduce you to someone whose connections could be a powerful and important force in your future career development.


You are already planning your weekend getaway, whether it is a cross-country flight, a weekend at the cottage or a day-tripper to the local zoo, and you don't have much patience or attention span available for work, chores, meetings or office politics.


You need to sort out your budget and financial priorities right now. Someone has you flitting from pillar to post as you try to make up your mind. It's really very simple when you decide to focus on your own priorities, and not on risky ventures with the promises of huge future pay-offs.


Your spiritual or metaphysical interests can affect your personality, and you are about to get a lesson from a spiritual teacher or expert that profoundly changes the way you dress, care for your physical appearance, or prepare yourself for facing the word.


Your subconscious mind is going into overtime tight now. There is an opportunity for you to take an idea that hits out of the blue and run with it. It could lead to positive developments in your finances or investments.


Friends and companions are fun, interesting, and challenging right now. One is particularly challenging because he or she has financial problems that they are trying to keep secret. You can help by playing along, or by anonymously slipping a small amount of money in their mailbox.


You have a wonderful, warm, exciting, and interesting energy right now, and people are drawn to talk to you. If you are single, you may find yourself something of a flower surrounded by buzzing, attentive bumble-bees. If you are in a committed relationship, there will be talk of moving to the next level.